Which services are included in the price?2018-06-26T13:19:40+02:00

All prices include equipment and transport to the gondola.
The journey to the Fly4You base and the lift fee (€ 17.50) must be paid by yourself.

Are there any discount options or special offers?2018-06-26T13:13:30+02:00

– Groups of 5 or more: -10%
– Groups of 20 persons or more: -20%

(only one reduction is possible at a time)

How much is a tandem flight?2018-06-26T13:10:38+02:00

The tandem flight costs € 130 for both Gerlitzen and Radsberg. The prices include VAT / incl. Equipment / incl. Transport to the gondola /
excl. arrival / excl. lift charges (€ 17,50). This applies to both individuals and groups.

Payment methods2018-06-26T12:43:58+02:00


Paying in advance is easy and convenient.

When specifying the payment method “advance payment” you will receive after completion of your order an automatic e-mail with all relevant information. Confirmation of the receipt of your order and all information required for payment.

Please transfer as soon as possible, within 7 days, the appropriate amount to the following bank account:

Recipient: Erich Plieschounig

Raiffeisenbank Eberndorf reg.Gen.m.b.H.

Bank Code: 39288

Account: 00000018275

IBAN: AT 153 928 800 000 018 275


Please indicate your invoice number as part of the transfer in the intended use. Only then can we clearly allocate your payment.

As soon as we receive the payment, we will process your order immediately.

Direct banking:

Payments by direct banking are safe and fast.

Fast, secure, without registration and simply pay by direct banking with your online banking PIN and TAN.

Direct banking is one of the safest payment methods on the Internet. The most important feature for the high level of security is the online banking procedure itself. Because data protection is continuously tested and certified by the TÜV.

After completion of direct banking we receive a real-time confirmation so that we can send your order quickly and you can receive your articles quickly.

Is my voucher transferable?2018-06-26T12:43:30+02:00

Fly4your vouchers are not named and therefore transferable, but you miss the opportunity to experience the indescribable feeling of silent flight.

How long is my voucher valid?2018-06-26T12:43:07+02:00

Fly4you vouchers are valid for 1 year from the invoice date we received.

Is paragliding dangerous?2018-06-26T12:42:39+02:00

The paraglider has become a safe aircraft in recent decades. For paragliding tandem flights only very safe umbrellas are used. You’re, in the hands of responsible and experienced pilots, a unique opportunity to fly. A certain residual risk can’t be prevented as with all sports, most injuries (sprain, bruise) happen during start-up.

When is the best season to fly?2018-06-26T12:42:15+02:00

Most passengers recommend the warm seasons, the landscape is then very attractive, lush forests, deep blue lakes …

Are glasses or contact lenses a problem while paragliding?2018-06-26T12:41:51+02:00

No, you can wear your optical glasses or contact lenses normally, but we also recommend a pair of sunglasses because the wind (35km / h) and the strong sun in summer can be disturbing.

Can I fly with friends or family members at the same time?2018-06-26T12:41:26+02:00

The fly4you team has 5 pilots which are supported at peak times by an additional 4 pilots. For groups please register in time (please check our group discounts).

Can I take pictures or film during the flight?2018-06-26T12:40:57+02:00

Of course, you can document your flight with your own camera or camera yourself, but some passengers are so busy that they do not notice much of the actual experience. fly4you offers a photo service with video and photo recordings during the flight for 15 € (incl.1GB SD card).

How do you land with a tandem paraglider?2018-06-26T12:40:28+02:00

Your pilot will fly over the landing place in position to reduce the remaining altitude, now he controls the paraglider in the counter approach, cross approach and finally in the final approach. On the final approach, the speed of the glider slows down so, depending on the wind, you have to take a few quick steps. The more wind the slower and gentler the landing will be.

Can I control the paraglider myself?2018-06-26T12:40:06+02:00

If you want to take control during the flight yourself, ask our pilot, let the conditions allow, you can even pull some circles over the Ossiachersee.

How long does a tandem flight take?2018-06-26T12:39:25+02:00

We start with the paraglider from the most beautiful Carinthian mountains and are therefore dependent on the weather, a gliding flight from the Gerlitze takes about 20 minutes. In good thermal conditions, our pilots will use the updraft to gain altitude and thus extend the flight to 30-40min. For a passage (driveway, preparation, takeoff, flight and landing) 1.5 hours must be expected.

Is the tandem flight insured?2018-06-26T12:39:04+02:00

We have taken out aviation liability and passenger liability insurance with AXA Versicherung AG.

Aviation liability: lump sum insurance (for persons and property damage) € 1.500.000,00

Failure damage € 12,000.00

Accident-related costs for the mountains € 2,600.00

Passenger liability insurance: personal injury € 365,000.00

Property damage (custody baggage) € 1,850.00

I’m afraid of heights, can I still fly?2018-06-26T12:38:30+02:00

Many pilots have a fear of heights, the feeling when they look from a tower or a rock edge, which pulls them down. With the paraglider this fear is blown away, as soon as you lose contact with the ground, the fear disappears and you can enjoy the flight.

Do I have to be athletic?2018-06-26T12:34:49+02:00

If you can take some quick steps and you don’t have any serious chronic illnesses, then there is nothing in the way of a tandem flight. In case of heart disease or other impairments, the pilot should be informed before the flight.

How heavy can I be?2018-06-26T12:34:07+02:00

We fly with passengers from 20kg to 130kg.

How young do I have to be?2018-06-26T12:33:21+02:00

Legally, there is no age limit for passengers. We fly with our small guests starting from a weight of 20 kg, with children and adolescents up to 18 years the signature of a parent or guardian on the ticket is necessary. Many of our guests are under 18, our youngest passenger was 4 years old and as you can see in our photo gallery, it was fun for everyone.

How old can I be to enjoy a tandem flight?2018-06-26T12:32:59+02:00

Age does not matter, as long as you are fit and can make some quick steps in the field, nothing stands in the way of a tandem flight. The two oldest passengers who flew with fly4you were 78 and 82 years old and they would fly again immediately.

Where will I meet my tandem pilot?2018-06-26T12:32:35+02:00

We have two info booths, one at the landing place and on at the top of Gerlitze, which are staffed during the season (July and August). The landing place is located on the main road in Annenheim on Kanzelplatz No. 1, near the Gerlitzen pulpit rail.

How long before do I have to sign up?2018-06-26T12:32:08+02:00

In high season we recommend to book in time (2 days before) to avoid waiting times. For short-term appointments please give us a phone call registration.

How can I sign up?2018-06-26T12:31:35+02:00

You can reach us at the following telephone number +43 676 939 4779, write us an e-mail or book directly on our homepage under Vouchers/Reservation.

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