Welcome at fly4You !


Enjoy the spectacular view and panoramas of carinithian mountains and lakes during a unforgettable paraglider-tandemflight!

You don´t need any previous knowledge. You only need some good shoes, trousers and a warm jacket – the rest is up to the fly4you – team.

There`s no restriction of age. It´s paragliding for everybody. We´re taking passengers from 20 to 130kg [44-286 pounds].

The flight season starts on 1 May and ends on 30 September.

Company`s History:

fly4you was founded in 2003 with different partners and friends.

We take you to the sky [ and savely back to the ground ] with experienced paraglider tandempilots.

Gift Coupons

If your friends already have everything, give them something Special: A voucher for a paragliding tandem flight! The ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, company trips etc.

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