Our Team – fly4You! introduces itself !

Under the management of Erich Plieschounig we´re taking off very successfully for more than 7 years!


  • Pilot: since 1993. tandem pilot since 1995
  • Hobbies: travelling, triathlon [ Iron Finisher Roth 10 hours 47 minutes ]
  • Profession: tandem pilot, ski instructor, certificated sports instructor
  • Paragliding experience: longest flight : 110 km, 4000 tandemflights, 500 soloflights.


  • Pilot: since 2006, tandem pilot since 2007
  • Hobbies: paragliding, Acropilot since 2008
  • Profession: tandem pilot, self employed
  • Paragliding experience: 800 solo flights, 1000 tandem flights

Peter HOFER:

  • Hobbies: Sailing
  • Profession: Organization Marketing fly4you, skiing instructor

Bernhard PLASSER:

  • Pilot: since 1990. tandem pilot since 1994
  • Hobbies: hiking, cycling,long distance paragliding
  • Profession: tandem pilot, testing for thermik, Magazin since 2003
  • Paragliding experience: longest distance flight 200 km, 2000 tandem flights, 1000 solo flights
    Wins / Sport Success:
    2times austrian long distance paragliding champion.


  • Pilot: since 2013, tandem pilot since 2014
  • Hobbies: Acrobatic Pilot, Reisen
  • Profession: tandem pilot,, activist
  • Paragliding experience: 1000 solo flights , 500 tandem flights, longest distance flight 60 km

Gift Coupons

If your friends already have everything, give them something Special: A voucher for a paragliding tandem flight! The ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, company trips etc.

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