We fly for you in the most beautiful flight areas of Carinthia!

The flight season starts on 1 May and ends on 30 September.


  • Time: 20 min.
  • Start: 1911 m
  • Meeting point landing field:
    At Flieger Base, Sankt Andräer Straße. 2, 9520 Annenheim. We have a bus shuttle from the landing site to the Gerlitzen gondola lift. Ask for Erich fly4you.
    Landing: Flieger Base Sankt Andräer Straße 2
  • Altitude Difference: 1406 m
  • Description: Marvelous view of the “Karawanken” (slovenia) and the “Julieschen Alpen” (italy). flight over the “Ossiacher See” and the Landskron castle.
  • Current weather: www.gerlitzen.it-wms.com


  • Time: 15 min
  • Start: 850 m
  • Meeting point landing field: Jausenstation Mickl, 9065 Ebenthal in Carinthia, Kreuth 3
    Landing: Rottenstein, 450 m
  • Altitude Difference: 400 m
  • Description: recommandable for thermal and distance flights. it is possible to start 300 m higher to
    get a good view of Klagenfurt.
  • Current weather: www.gerlitzen.it-wms.com

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If your friends already have everything, give them something Special: A voucher for a paragliding tandem flight! The ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, company trips etc.

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